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Tri-State Regional Cancer Center
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center02/13/2018 at 7:49am
Gentle reminder 👍
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center02/08/2018 at 10:57am
For our fb friends with a breast cancer diagnosis, this link might be of interest to you for additional support and information: www.mybcteam.com
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center
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Today is World Cancer Day. But in our day to day world at TSRCC, every day is cancer day and each of us will strive to bring awareness and comfort to those in our part of the world dealing with this disease. There is nothing we’d love more than to see a cure for this.
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center
A key international awareness day on the global health calendar, World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February to unite the world in the fight against cancer, under the one banner. The Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year through education, raising awareness and by pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action. For more information visit: http://www.worldcancerday.org/.
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Tri-State Regional Cancer Center01/22/2018 at 10:18am
We found this website that we thought might be helpful in making your desire to become an EX tobacco user become a reality. To those of our friends that we know have kicked this habit, we are SO happy for you! To those of you still working on it, the struggle is real but we know you can do it and we hope this link can be a tool for you to use. https://www.becomeanex.org/
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center
Tri-State Regional Cancer Center01/12/2018 at 1:08pm
How To Choose A Radiation Oncologist

When looking for a cancer doctor who specializes in radiation treatment, consider the following:

Look for a doctor who is board certified in radiation oncology. Also look at the institution or institutions the doctor is affiliated with. The better the institution, the higher the standards which are applied to the professionals who are allowed to be affiliated with the institution.
Look at the treatment facility. Ask questions! How many are on staff? How current is their treatment equipment? Is the facility accredited?
The technology available to treat you can vary greatly from one facility to another.
Travel time to the facility becomes important because treatment is likely to be daily over a period of weeks.
If you have health insurance, do the doctor and the facility accept it? If not, is there a less expensive doctor with the right qualifications who works in an acceptable facility that costs less? Take a moment to do your research and choose wisely because the decision is yours, not anyone else’s. Visit our website at tsrcc.com and get to know a little more about us and see what others have said about us. Thanks in advance for stopping by!